SoJeong’s Final Reflection

Silvertown Assessment was the most difficul because I was difficult to fine the way.1384141017185

GIC Talks was the most interest because very fun.


GIC DAY was very fun.


Green Way was most easy becaus short.


International Organization Assessment was difficult.



Hyohyeon`s Final Reflection

1. Brand Video. This was my first project. So I spend a lot of time with sincere.

2.Daein Market.
It was fun. And I like the purpose of it. It is for artist.
daein market

It is good for English study.
gic talk

4.Silver Town
I thought that it is worth to live because of these people who work there.
silver town

Green way
Green Way was train station. But it is vanished. And people changed into trail. It is environmental.

Jieun’s Final Reflection

1. Chungjangno 7080 Festival

This is a major festival of Gwangju. It was a different experience for me.


2. Daein Night Art Market

 This is a quirky market that can be seen only on Friday night.
I had a really enjoyable experience here.


3. My brand video.

It was hard when I first create the video. Although the finished work is badly, but I’m satisfied.

4. PPT

I was send your e-mail.

I have a lot of trouble when I create it. I see this ppt still, I feel that it would be harder to do.


I went to GIC TALK of a total of four times.

I was good to be able to hear a new story every time

Lee Ji eun 20101163 sec 1

20121214 Jeong Daun in Section 03

My name is Jeong Daun.

I am second year at Chosun University.

My hobby is reading.

My major is Public Administration and Social welfare.

In addition I am doing a double major with Management.

My dream is to be a Public Employee in Law.


I think that the most important value is fairness. Thus I will be treating people  fairly.

And my goal is helping people who have difficult complex because Public Administrative Terms.

This is My Brand Video.